MAAC C G Road, Satellite Road (Ahmedabad) are managed by KSHITIJ VIVAN a technology driven organization to provide Career courses in Animation, Multimedia, Graphic Designing, Web Design, Film Making, Visual Effects, Game designing, Special effect, 2d & 3D animation, Architecture walk through and Visual communication.

Where Do Animators Work

Where Do Animators Work? 5 Fields That Actually Do Work Where do animators work? Few amazing job opportunity you cannot ignore being an animator wants to know what they are. They are a Forensic artist, Motion Graphic Designer, Animator Interior designer, Civil...

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4 Main Basic 3D Animation Concepts

4 Main Basic 3D Animation Concepts 3D computer graphics are often referred to as 3D models. 3D is the short form of three-dimensional. Aside from the rendered graphic, the model is contained within a graphical data file. However, there are differences. 3D model is the...

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Basic VFX Techniques for Beginners

Visual Effects(VFX) VFX Animation is the assimilation of the generated environment and lives action footage to create a realistic imagery, that would be costly dangerous or human impossible to capture in real. The visual effect in its most basic form is a digitally...

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Character Animation Demo Reel

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Making a Character Animation Demo Reel Animation studios are looking for animators who excel at character animation more realistically. If you are looking to enter the industry of a character animator, then this post is for you. We bring you...

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File Formats

What is File Formats? A file format is a standard way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file.There are Different Types of File Formats. A File extension sometimes called a file suffix of a filename extension. Any file's extensions can be renamed,...

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