MAAC C G Road, Satellite Road (Ahmedabad) are managed by KSHITIJ VIVAN a technology driven organization to provide Career courses in Animation, Multimedia, Graphic Designing, Web Design, Film Making, Visual Effects, Game designing, Special effect, 2d & 3D animation, Architecture walk through and Visual communication.

20 Steps to Make a 3D Animation Movie

Make a 3D Animation Movie The 3d animation production pipeline is the path by which an animated movie goes from a creator's brain to the screen for the world to see. Understanding the process of all the elements is the first step to creating the vision. Before...

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5 Tips to Create the Perfect Animation

To Create the Perfect Animation The animation is becoming easier and less expensive to deliver, and demand is increasing too. Even if work is more in the way of pencil drawings or doodle art, learning some animation skills is a great way to bring in work. Here some...

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Animation Techniques for Beginners

Animation Techniques for Beginners Animation has come very far since the cartoons of early 20th Century. But even then, a variety of techniques and Methods was being used, including stop-motion animation and cel animation. Currently, computers are frequently used to...

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8 Best Tips and Tricks for Animation

Best Tips and Tricks Learn great animation tips and tricks to elevate your work.  Below are 8 Best Tips and Tricks for Animation. 1. Animate Acting Shots One Phrase at a Time It is best to have explicit full-body posing in phrases at the expense of smooth transitions,...

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Different Types of 2d Games Animation

Different Types of 2d Games Animation Different Types of 2d Games Animation can be more difficult than animations for the film because in video games the characters must interact with the each other. In games, every action is controlled by the user and characters must...

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Graphic and Website Design Offers Stable Career

Graphic and Website Design offers Stable Career Web Designing and Graphic Designing gained a lot of importance with the booming Internet market. With a huge growth in Internet users and e-commerce, the need for graphic/web designers has increased a lot. In reality,...

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