Basic Motion Graphic Designer Skills


Motion Graphic can be seen in just about everything from movies, television, commercials and more. Whether you are an advanced motion graphics artist or beginner, there are set of skills that you should have to become an excellent motion designer. In this blog, you find 10 of the basic Motion Graphic Designer Skills that any motion designer needs to push their work to the next level, and help to excel in their career.

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10 Motion Graphic Designer Skills

1. Graphic Design Skills

Motion Design is essentially bringing graphic elements to life through animation. Knowledge in graphic design can really help to push in motion design work.

Many time as per the client requirement you will be asked to not only make the elements move but also to create them. If you may be working at a studio where your job is to take element a graphic designer create and make the moving motion graphics piece.

2. Traditional Art Skills

Knowing traditional art is very helpful during the design process and gives you an eye for the best way to communicate the motion design to the audience. During the motion graphics pieces, it is to build it on the computer only to find out that is not working. Sketches can be done faster, and it helps you to brainstorm different ideas, ultimately speeding up your workflow faster.

3. Understand the Animation

As a motion designer, you need to bring 2D animation elements to life through movement. For that, you must use animation, animation in motion graphics is more than just setting a few key frames. You also need to have a strong foundation in fundamentals of animation and how things move to create appealing work.

Principles of animation apply just as much to you as they do a character animator. You need to know where to exaggerate it, where to ease in or out, or what type of timing works best for it. You might have the greatest design, but if it is not animated well, it can make motion design piece fall flat.

4. 3D Design Skills

You can see it in a 3D logo, an intro to a TV show, a commercial and more. As a motion designer, you need to have this skill set to be able to keep up with changing the industry. There is a wealth of 3D applications to choose from, and it’s up to you to take the time to learn one. You should not be limiting yourself to 2D motion design, expand the knowledge into 3D, and it will open up more opportunities for you.

5. Understanding of Typography

Typography is utilized in motion design and often the driving force behind the motion graphic. Motion design may only use the type to convey the company, product or service to the viewer. The appropriate use of typography and colors is one of the essential elements of learning and creating the visual designs.

6. Color Theory

As a motion designer, you must possess a strong understanding of color theory and colors convey in different moods and feelings to an audience. Give the color choices a great deal of conscious thought to determine the color scheme for motion design.

7. Creativity

When working with small client information is where creativity comes into play being able to take a simple idea and transform it into a complex, appealing piece.

8. Technical Skills

It’s very important that you have the technical skills to be able to adapt to new products and systems. With numerous programs that a motion graphics artist master to excel in this industry.

9. Communication

Motion designs always start with the communication with the creative directors or client. You must explain your concept and ideas to the client. Clients are typically not designers, so it’s up to you to convey your ideas to them in a way that’s understandable and clear.

10. Originality

It’s easy to follow trends and jump on a style or look that is being used. It can make your work resemble all the rest and you won’t stand out. Think of your style as your signature, with every project you encounter as a chance to imprint into the minds of the audience. Every motion designer should have their own style.

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Now you know the basic motion graphic designer skills that every motion designer needed. you make sure that you know them all.

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