Importance of Graphics Designing in Multimedia

Importance of Graphics Designing in Multimedia

Learn Importance of Graphics Designing in Multimedia

Importance of Graphics Designing in MultimediaGraphics design is the art of visual communication, or we can say that the visual representation of ideas which is essential for any business. To generate leads or drive growth one need to present the company or business in such a way which can be understood by the audience or potential client.

Conveying the information through content, phrases or words isn’t sufficient you have several other ways too which can express the ideas more clearly and viewers can remind it for a long time. One such remarkable way is visual means which imprint the information in the viewer’s mind that remains unfading in the viewer’s memory. It is the time when a graphics design plays a significant role in conveying the information with the spirit of imagination ansd innovation.

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Graphic designing is a process of uniting the creative thinking with technological thinking. It involves the creative thinking which is essential to produce graphically communicative ideas. It means the visual communication that conveys a message with a concept and a purpose. Below we are discussing some point on Importance of Graphics Designing.

Importance of Graphics Designing

There is a lot of importance of Graphics Designing because it is used in numerous fields like education, applications, entertainment, videos etc.

  1. You can communicate the ideas easily and effectively which is useful in creating a strong impression.
  2. It supports in brand recognition which is essential for a business. It helps you to stand out from the competitors and aids any business in having their own identity.
  3. It is important to establish a story for business which can interest prospects to buy any product or take your services.
  4. We are living in a digital world where everything single thing can be accessed online. You won’t be able to convey your business objective to your potential audience if you are working on a badly made interactive design. Recognize the right and well-designed graphic which can be understood by the target audience. Take this as an opportunity which can build consumer confidence and trust.
  5. It also plays an important role in business, marketing etc. For example if a graphic designer works for a company then the graphic designs will help for building the company’s branding, it will create a strong impact to the audience, it will help to give the message to the people, it will capture people’s attention and also create the trust.

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Career Options in Graphic Designing in India

There are lots of opportunities within the design world from which a person can choose to pursue a career in graphics designing.

Following is a list of various career options:

  1. Logo Design, Newspapers, Magazines etc.
  2. Website Designer
  3. Art Director
  4. Advertising
  5. Book Designer
  6. Illustrations Designer
  7. Brochures for marketing field
  8. Corporate Reports

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How to do Rotoscoping in Animation Technique Using Adobe After Effects

How to do Rotoscoping in Animation Technique Using Adobe After Effects

How to do Rotoscoping in Animation

Rotoscoping is an animation technique that animators apply to trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame, to produce realistic action.

Originally, animators projected photographed live-action movie images onto a glass panel and located over the image.

A step of how to do Rotoscoping in animation techniques using after effects is given below:

Click on below video to Learn How to do Rotoscoping in Animation

How to do Rotoscoping in Animation Technique in After Effects

1. Open the Project File

Click Save to Creative Cloud to copy the assets to your account. Open the rotoscoping.aep project file in After Effects.

Double-click on the shark.mp4 layer in the Timeline to open it in its own Layer window.

How to do Rotoscoping

2. Use the Roto Brush Tool

To separate the shark from the background, you need to define the edges of the shark in the first frame of the footage. Click on the Roto Brush tool.

Click on below video to watch how to use Roto Brush tool in After Effects

With the Roto brush tool selected, define the portion of the footage that you want to keep.

Change the view level to fit the complete shark body in the frame. Use the brush to paint along the inside of the shark’s body.

A magenta segmentation boundary appears around the shark, indicating the foreground object to be separated from the background.

How to do Rotoscoping

After defining the shark body uses the rot brush tool to refine any edge that is not perfect. Press the ALT/option key and notice that the brush tool changes from a green circle to a red.

Hold Alt/option while painting to define areas of background that you want to be removed. Pay attention to areas around the shark fine where the initial selection is not perfect. It is important to spend as much time as needed to make the first selection as precise as possible.

How to do Rotoscoping

3. Filter the Roto Brush Matte

Once you have defined your first selection, use the effect controls panel to improve the edge.

First, click the Toggle Alpha Boundary icon under the footage to preview the shark toward a black background. Now open the Effect Controls panel and explore the options listed below Roto Brush Matte.

You can get excellent results by increasing the Feather value, reducing Shift Edge to a negative amount, and fixing the Reduce Chatter percentage to help smooth the edges.

How to do Rotoscoping

4. Refine the Matte for all Frames

Now that you have defined the mask for the first frame, you need to step through the rest of the frames in sequence to make sure the mask is accurate.

After Effects uses a combination of techniques to automatically calculate the edges of the object that is defined in the first frame and utilizes it to the following frames.

For best results, step through the frames and make manual corrections when necessary. First, click and drag the Roto Brush span to increase its length, so it takes up the full length of the footage.

How to do Rotoscoping

Next, open the Preview panel and click next frame to develop the footage by individual frame. If you notice any spaces where the edge of the mask needs to be filtered, use the Roto Brush tool to make the improvements, adding foreground background as required.

Follow the same step for every frame in your footage. When you are satisfied with the variety edges throughout the entire footage, click Freeze in the lower-right angle of the Layer window to save the boundary data. After that method is finished, switch back to the Configuration window.

How to do Rotoscoping

5. Add a Background Image

To create the composite footage, you will need to add an image to the shark footage.

Move background.jpg from the Project panel to the Timeline, just below the shark.mp4 layer.

Select the shark.mp4 layer and use the bounding box handles to resize and rotate the shark, so it fits the scene to your liking.

How to do Rotoscoping

6. Color-Correct the Footage

To make a convincing composite, the shark will need some color correction to help match the background. Select the shark.mp4 layer in the Timeline and choose Effect > Color Correction. For this footage, some another effect layers are needed to correct the footage.

Add a curves layer a Hue/Saturation layer a photo filter, and brightness and contrast affect layer. Experiment using values help remove some of the blues and greens from the shark. Remove some saturation and adding some tones will help it match the color and lighting of the background landscapes.

When you are satisfied with how things look, click the Play button in the Preview panel to play your finished composition.


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