What is Stop Motion Animation?

What is Stop Motion Animation?

Stop Motion Animation

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3 Reasons to Learn Animation Design Course

3 Reasons to Learn Animation Design Course

Importance of Animation Design Course

Animation is all about giving life to objects or character to explain and express the concepts. Along with motion graphics, special effects, 2D and 3D movements and interactive media; the animation strengthen the communication process. Students having interest in moving pictures and characters can take animation design as a specialized area to shape their concepts into innovative animations.

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3 Reasons to Learn Animation Design Course

Animation Design Course

1. Animation Supports Powerful Website Design

If you want to make an eye-catching website design, animations and motion graphics can be a great way to keep visitors clicking and engaged.

2. Animation Design is an Uncommon Skill

Many designers focus on image creation, but even among interactive designers, animation design can be a unique skill. As a result, designers who know how to animate the graphics they are in high demand.

Companies that hire designers may look for designers who can seamlessly animate a logo for an advertisement, or filmmakers may look for designers who can create an engaging title sequence.

3. Animation Design is a Growing Art Form

From simple gifs to the advanced 3d animation featured in Pixar films, animation design is not a new art form, but it is an art form that’s increasingly more accessible with programs like After Effects, Photoshop.

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Learn more about animation design Course at Maac Ahmedabad to create sleek, professional animations for any design project.

Animation Design Course

At Maac Ahmedabad creative individuals can learn different techniques, tools and software of animation to express the concepts. This programme covers all the forms of animation ranging from the character design to motion graphics across liner and interactive environments.

Under the guidance, the course equips students for creative thinking, in-depth design research for intellectual investigation and conceptual development.

Students in the animation design course, apart from the theoretical understanding, learn digital technologies and software which are required for animation. In addition, Maac Ahmedabad organizes many events every year. Events provide an opportunity for Maac students to showcase their skills under the guidance of industry experts to get practical exposure. Maac Events such as seminar, campus interview, workshop, outdoor shoots, trips, etc. Students also get access to industry network which helps them in shaping their career.

Animation Course Content

  • Pre-Production

  • Storyboarding

  • Concepts of Filmmaking

  • Digital Painting

  • Matte Painting

  • BG Modeling & Surfacing

  • 3D Character Development

  • Lighting & Rendering

  • Particle & Dynamics

  • Fluid, Hair & Cloth Effects

  • Rigging & Character Setup

  • Character Animation

Software Covered

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Autodesk 3dsMax

  • Autodesk Maya

  • Autodesk Mudbox

Career Option

  • Modeling Artist

  • Texturing Artist

  • Lighting Artist

  • Render Artist

  • Character Animator

  • Layout Artist

  • Rigging Artist

  • FX Artist

  • 3D Generalist

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Animation Design Course Future Prospects

Animation professionals get a variety of national and international job opportunities with leading design firms and studios. Various roles for 3D visualisers, animation professionals include animators, character designers, motion graphics designers, pre-production artists, game designers, web designers, digital artists, art directors and visual effects artists etc.

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Career Course in Digital Animation Filmmaking

Career Course in Digital Animation Filmmaking

Career Course in Digital Animation Filmmaking

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Game Design and Integration Courses in Ahmedabad

Game Design and Integration Courses in Ahmedabad

Diploma in Game Design and Integration Courses in Ahmedabad

The gaming industry is growing into a gainful and happening career for youngsters, with a passion for the game and creativity. Game design implies a vast range of knowledge. This is not an easy path but for sure, it an interesting and challenging one. Diploma in Game Design and integration is a comprehensive course that covers art, design and integration of game asset elements. This blog is designed to help you make informed decisions about your education and career on the path of Game Designer.

If you are interested to do Diploma in Game Design and Integration courses MACC Ahmedabad provide you with the proper guideline in this field. Before getting into it something you should be knowing about, the first thing you require to know is what exactly a game designer does. Apparently, that could be very easy, but as it usually turns out, people dreaming about a future in games don’t truly get what it means and what is required from a game designer.

General Concept of Game Designer

Game Design and Integration

The first task of the game designer is to translate the raw idea into a concept document. This document is meant to illustrate the general idea of the game and to start discussing the technology the game will need, the costs, timespan and the development of the game is going to take.


Scripting is a big part of the game designer work. The game designer is in charge of using a scripting language to decide character behaviours, to create the levels, and to generally set up the runtime gameplay.


Directly connected to scripting is the fine tuning of all the in-game values. How long will the character jump? What is the damage dealt by that particular sword? How fast will the enemy run? All these values are often formalized into an excel document, so the game designer can freely change them and run simulations. But eventually, they will be put into the game and fine-tuned at runtime.

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So, the job of a game designer includes making paper and digital prototypes, deciding the game general mood, writing documentation, scripting the levels and the characters’ behavior, facial expression, running the game again and again and again fine-tuning on each little value, keeping an excel file with all the game values and their relations and so on. While doing this, a good game designer should always be up to date with the latest games and game design discussion, watch movies, play games, read a lot, constantly expanding their personal culture.

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Game Design and Integration Course in Ahmedabad (DGDI)

Diploma in Game Design and Integration Course covers all aesthetic and technical aspects of the game development process. Students gain in-depth knowledge of the game design process including digital asset creation and integration in the game engine. The DGDI course creates job-ready professionals that are in demand in the booming gaming industry in India as well as overseas.

A 12 months course which provides you with an opportunity to make the Career in Game Designing & Interactivity in games with game engine.

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DGDI Course Content

  • Basics of Art

  • Game Theory

  • Game Concept Art

  • Concept Design

  • Introduction to 3D

  • Game Development Pipeline

  • Pre-Visualization of Level Design

  • Fundamentals of Texturing

  • Fundamentals of Sculpting

  • Environment Modeling

  • Stylized Character Modeling

  • Next-Gen Character Modeling

  • Next-Gen Vehicle Modeling

  • Rigging & Animation for Games

  • Asset Integration into Game Engines

DGDI Course Software Covered

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Autodesk 3DS Max

  • Autodesk Mudbox

  • Unity (Game Engine)

DGDI Course Career Options

  • 3D Game Design

  • Simulator Graphics

  • Web 3D Graphics

  • Interactive Product Demos

  • Interactive Architectural Walkthroughs

  • Game Testing

  • 3D Game Modeling

Kshitij Vivaan (Training Partner of MAAC Ahmadabad Satellite Road) offers Career Courses in Animation, VFX, Graphics, Web Designing and Gaming for students from different cities such as Gandhinagar and Rajkot. MAAC helps these students get the best job placements according to their skills and talents to get the best start to their Professional Careers.

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