To Create the Perfect Animation

The animation is becoming easier and less expensive to deliver, and demand is increasing too. Even if work is more in the way of pencil drawings or doodle art, learning some animation skills is a great way to bring in work. Here some top animators reveal their tips to Create the perfect animation for ensuring that every animated project hits the spot.


5 Tips to Create the Perfect Animation

1. Write a Synopsis

Whether you are working on an abstract animation or a complex character-driven plot, you must have a sense of what story the animation is telling well in advance of sketching out your initial idea. “Any storyboard or animation, even if it doesn’t have a voiceover, should be able to be explained through words. Try writing a synopsis however basic that encapsulates the core details of your animation.

2. Block your Scenes

From your storyboard, the next preparation stage is to block the scenes. Break the story down into the key parts, where each scene tells a mini-plot line that’s part of the animation. Add reference notes as to what characters will be doing and how they will do so. If you are going to focus on narrative, then remember the eye can only focus on one thing at a time. “Make sure that you guide the eye through the narrative.”

Click on Below Link: Animate a Scene Walk Through


3. Take Reference

When blocking a scene, refer to any reference material you have built up. It could be existing animations that have the feel and flow of what you want to achieve or even film footage of the way characters and animals move. Concentrate on capturing these movements in a believable and realistic manner. “Timing and an excellent understanding of motion are essential to creating good animation. Movement of animals, for example, is a great help. There are lots of interesting documentaries online.”

4. Timing is Important

Timing traps are the bane of an animation project: if you’re lip-synching or character moments are too ‘snappy’ it makes the animation feel unbelievable and unnatural to your audience. The Animator’s Survival Kit has an entire chapter on lip-synching that goes into the great depth on the way phonemes, and mouth shapes should be rendered and animated.

The best tip to create the perfect animation is to think about where the sounds of speech track blend and to animate these in detail, thinking about words and phrases rather than attempting to animate each letter.

5. Think about Transitions

Illustrators never have to deal with the transition from one scene or character movement into the following and it can be a tricky first hurdle to negotiate, but there are some good exercises to make the races easier. Take two different bits of work you have made that are stylistically similar. Place them next to each other and think of how you could get from one to the other.


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