How to Create Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard is one of the most amazing types of animation video that is not only used as the source of entertainment but also useful in delivering the right messages to the target audience.

In the whiteboard animation process, an artist draws and records an illustrated story using a whiteboard. Frequently animations are aided with narration by the script. Generally, artists make use of stop-motion animation to liven hand-drawn illustrations, using the YouTube platform. It is also used in TV and internet ads to communicate to consumers in a personal way.

Whiteboard animation refers to a specific type of presentation that uses the process of creating a series of draw pictures on a whiteboard that is recorded in sequence and then played back to create an animated presentation. The actual effect of whiteboard animation is stop-motion or time-lapse. Actual sequential frame-by-frame animation is rarely used but has been incorporated. Other terms are “animated doodling” and “video scribing”. You have seen this video animation in many variations and has taken a turn into various animation styles. With the introduction of animation software to create whiteboard animations, the process has many different manifestations of varying quality.

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Process of Whiteboard Animation Video

A process of creating whiteboard animation video begins with a topic. The writer chooses the topic name and starts writing script. After creating content, artists create rough drafts of animations. These assist in setting up the inventive bearing and timing for the movement. The rest of the process is as follows:

  1. Compose the content
  2. Record the voiceover
  3. Start creating animations
  4. Organize the animations
  5. Make Guides
  6. Record the video
  7. Matchup sound and video
  8. Add music
  9. Export and share

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7 Tips for Creating rhe Whiteboard Animation Video

Everybody is wondering how whiteboard animation is made, especially when you may have seen examples from educational TV commercials, YouTube videos, informative videos or product explainer videos. Many industries make use of whiteboard animations because these videos are so useful at communicating information so that people get engaged.

Whiteboard Animation Video


1. Create Innovative Story to make it Powerful Video

The audience takes more interest in watching pictures if it is storytelling. Since we are living a story of our own, we always explore for the ways to look at it in some way. Create a perfect story for your whiteboard animation video to grasp the interest of the audience.


2. Characters are the Backbone of Stories

In every story, characters plays an important role and if you are creating the story for any brand then make sure that the characters of the stories revolve around the persona of the target audience.


3. Follow the Concept of Traditional Whiteboard Drawing

Below three things are the primary requirements for the whiteboard animations to differ from other kinds of animations.

  1. Traditional storyboard concept is to have a white background.
  2. The continuous black drawings.
  3. The hand that is sketching the picture of the whiteboard animation video.


4. Add Something to Get an Extra Credit

You have many options of adding a single tone color for highlighting in whiteboard animation video. If you are creating a whiteboard animation for something personal, then you can add decent colors for making it look good and If you are making a video for any brand, then add the colors of the brand emblem.


5. Make Use of Audience Emotion as the Weapon

The audience is exploring for something personal in the ads they watch or in the visualizations that are represented in front of them. Use their emotions to explain the concept in animations so that they can quickly get hold of the idea.


6. Present a Useful Lesson

People always explore out their personal benefit in everything they listen and watch. Try to convey the right message using animations that you are creating.


7. Use the Proper Tool for Creating Animations

There are many tools in the market that you can choose to do the whiteboard animations. Make sure you select the top animation software to create the whiteboard animations.

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