ADVFX Plus is an advanced level VFX Program. Career course in ADVFX Plus design to help you master not just the fundamentals but also advanced techniques of VFX artistry.

Career course in ADVFX Plus covers subjects ranging from the very basic of 3D filmmaking like pre-production and story boarding, to advance level topics of motion graphics, digital design and editing. These will help you to enhance your skills and meet industry requirements.

MAAC Ahmedabad has been mapping the latest trends in the industry due to which it understands the dynamic potential of VFX. This is why Maac Ahmedabad, being an industry pioneer, brings to its students one such power packed, the robust and intensive program that will add value and contribute to the progress of the students professionally. This is a course that includes in its curriculum the latest tools and technologies delivered by the experts of that domain, thus giving students a window to understanding new-age production workflow.

At MAAC Ahmedabad we provide the studio-like environment for practical training sessions, which help you get the same experience as a professional VFX artist.



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Specialization Series

There are three specialization options, and you can choose any one of them:


  • Pre-Production
  •  Advanced Particle Effects
  • Match Moving & Camera
  • Storyboarding
  • Cloth FX Tracking
  • Cinematography
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Stereoscopic Conversion
  • Basics of Photography
  • Rigid Body Simulations
  • Editing with FCP
  • Stop-Motion
  • Fluid Simulation
  • Realistic Digital Environments
  • Digital Design
  • Realistic Rendering
  • Procedural FX Workflow
  • Layer Based Compositing Techniques
  • Project & Case Studies for
  • Clean Plate & Wire Removal
  • Advanced Compositing  Motion Graphics
  • Motion Graphics • Concepts of Set Extension
  • Project – VFX shot with Miniature
  • 3D Design & CG Integration Models
  • Node Based Compositing


  • PhotoshopTM
  •  MochaTM
  • Fume FXTM
  • After EffectsTM
  • SilhouetteTM
  • Ray FireTM
  • PremiereTM
  • PFTrackTM
  • Real FlowTM
  • AuditionTM
  • NukeTM
  • VueTM
  • 3ds MaxTM
  • Final Cut Pr0TM
  • Houdini
  • Fusion
  • Thinking ParticlesTM
  • New-Age  Softwares


  • Compositor
  • Matte Painter
  •  Depth Artist
  • Camera Tracker
  • Clean-up Artist
  • Video Editor
  • Match Moving Artist
  • BG Prep Artist
  • Pre-Viz Artist
  • FX Artist
  • VFX Generalist
  • Roto Artist
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Stereoscopy Artist
  • Paint Artist