Visual Effects(VFX)

VFX Animation is the assimilation of the generated environment and lives action footage to create a realistic imagery, that would be costly dangerous or human impossible to capture in real. The visual effect in its most basic form is a digitally manipulated image or footage. Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has become accessible to filmmakers and computers are used to add or remove anything to everything which is not in the initially original shot. Below are some basic VFX techniques that we can use in VFX.

Basic VFX Techniques

VFX animation is the booming industry all over the world. There are 5 types of Basic VFX Techniques that we are used.

1. Matte Painting

Matte painting is made by combining two or more images to form a single image. Matte is used for combining a foreground image, e.g. Actors with the background image.

2. Physical Simulators

Physical Simulators software is used to create Dynamical simulations. It is often used for big budget movies like 2012, and I am Legend etc.

3. Rotoscoping

It is the process of manually altering film or video footage one frame at a time. The frames are designed to create animated effects like lightning, or traditional style animation.

4. Green Screen

This technique is used for composting of two images together. It is used in video production where a color range in the top layer is made transparent, revealing another image in the background.

5. 3d Modeling

It represents three-dimensional surfaces of an object using software such as Maya, 3Ds Max or Cinema 4D.

Software used in Visual Effect (VFX):

1. After Effects- Adobe

After Effects- Adobe is used for motion graphics, i.e. title introduction and logo animation. This programme is great for the VFX beginners.

2. 3Ds Max

It is a 3D animation, modelling and rendering software. Still pictures, game environment and movies can be created with 3Ds Max technique. Modelling objects of multiple surfaces are used to create a three-dimensional illusion. Groups of points known as vertices are created and connected to form surfaces using the 3D technology of the computer.

3. Cinema 4D –Maxon

Cinema is a 3D modelling animation software. The working of this application depends on the 3D technology of computer and is used for making motion pictures, and it is extremely easy to use.

4. Maya

Node base system has a strong ability about particles, animation, modelling, rendering etc.

 5. Flame Autodesk

Flame run on its own operating system, and it is the most highly acclaimed composting software. It is used in client assisted projects due to its high level of interactivity.

6. Boujou

This 3D motion tracking software is used for the inserting computer graphics in live action footage with the accurate scale, motion and position of the original footage.

 7. Nuke

Nuke can integrate 3D models which makes it ideal for 3D compositing and environments. The artist can work with images having multiple color sample per pixel. Professional VFX companies use nuke and Flame.

8. Mocha

It is all in one VFX toolset for wire removal, lens distortion and mesh wrapping. Mocha Pro is designed for composting & editing and finishing environment. It is a powerful instinctive and innovative planar tracking solution which can easily manipulate and track shots which are not possible with the traditional solutions.

Some Examples in Layman Terms:

Films like The Lego movie, Moana, Kubo and the two strings, toy story, cars, etc. are purely animation based movies. Majority of the work involved in such movies are completed on 3d softwares like MAYA and 3ds max.

The iron man suit is something created in a 3d software. However, the method using which the suit becomes a part of Tony stark is called tracking and rotation.


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