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Different Types of Sculpting Tools for Miniaturists

Sculpting Tools for Miniaturists For sculpting and modeling miniatures, there is a wide range of sculpting tools available that work with fine details. There are some sculpting tools you may want to add to your toolkit for creating sculpt clay, polymer clay, paper...

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Different Types of Light Effect in After Effects

Benefits of using Adobe After Effects is its ability to create the studio 3D animation and ability to create lights effect similar to more fleshed out 3D programs like Cinema 4D or Maya. In this blog, we explain to you different types of light effect in after effects....

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Photography Panning Technique for Beginner

What is Panning? Panning is one of the most fun cinematography and photography techniques you can learn in this Maac blog. Panning uses slower shutter speeds combined with a sweeping motion of the camera that follows at the same speed as a subject from a fixed...

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7 Tip for Creating the Whiteboard Animation Video

How to Create Whiteboard Animation Video Whiteboard is one of the most amazing type of animation video that is not only used as the source of entertainment but also useful in delivering the right messages to the target audience. In whiteboard animation process an...

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7 Composition Technique that you Need to Know

What is Composition? Composition means the placement and arrangement of appropriate elements within the image space, so they express the artist's idea in a clear and effective way. It makes a great deal of difference how we put things together within the image space....

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