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What is the scope of animation?

Animation is an interesting and secure career option to pursue given the increasing use of the technology in movies, media, advertising, television programming etc Cartoon animation, film animation, digital post-production, advertising, gaming, special effects are...

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The Making of Baby

The Making of Baby (Source : Watch Now Below Video: Kshitij Vivaan (Training Partner of MAAC Ahmadabad C.G Road) offers career courses in Animation, VFX, graphics, web designing & gaming for students from different cities such as...

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Basics of Photoshop

Basics of Photoshop What is Image? A Visual presentation of something is called Image eg: pictures, photgraphs. ,Basics of Photoshop. Images are of two  types : Raster Images Vector Images Raster Images : Raster Images is a way to represent digital images. Eg Scanning...

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