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Become a Professional VFX Compositor

Advanced Skills Required to Become a Professional VFX Compositor A VFX Compositor is a 3D artist saddled with the job of creating realistic effects by combining the live action and computer-generated images to form a believable scene. A VFX Compositor is about the...

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5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Game Designing

Career in Game Designing The game design industry is growing very fast. Gaming is one of the largest entertainment industry and is considered the best profession widely across the world. The game industry is experiencing unprecedented success. It’s been expected that...

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4 Best Animation and Multimedia Courses

Best Animation and Multimedia Courses to Enrol after 12th The animation and multimedia industry is one of the promising fields with a bright future. With the growth of the animation industry and a growing number of Indian filmmakers taking to native animation rather...

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Use of Motion Control in Animation

Motion Control in Animation In day to day life if we go and check out the motion control technology related to the entertainment division you might hear this complex terms as multipass, go motion, streaking which you might not be aware of, but you have seen it on the...

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What is Miniature Effect?

Miniature Effect A miniature effect is a special effect for motion pictures and television shows using scale models. To make gravitational and effects appear convincing to the viewer the scale models are used to combine it with high-speed photography or matte shots....

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Become Multimedia Artists and Animators

If you have ever seen an animated movie, played a video game or watched a cartoon you have seen the work of multimedia artists and animators. Using computers and other electronic media, they create a series of images that form the animation or special effects seen in...

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