Digital Graphics and Motion Graphics

Digital Graphics and Motion Graphics is a short term program designed for creatively inclined passionate youngsters who would like to build the creative career in graphic designing, UI designing, multimedia content creation, interactive graphics and motion graphic content.

About Digital Graphics & Motion Graphics

Graphics is the field related to the computer controlled integration of texts, graphics, audio, drawings, and animations. The information or content in the multimedia can be represented through digitally in contrast to traditional media.

Motion graphics is the digital video output which contains the pictures, sound, words, and video. Motion graphics is a combination of animation and graphic design. This is an integration of different creative elements like typography, illustration, logos, shapes animation clips & video along with the sound. They are then animated or moved in the desired way that tells a story.

The multimedia technology applies interactive computer elements such as text, video, pictures, graphics, animation and sound into a single form to deliver the message. Multimedia presents may be viewed by a person on stage, transmitted, projected or played locally with the media player. It is also extensively used in, VR, AR and gaming segments.

Role of a Graphics/Motion Graphics/Multimedia Artist

The graphic designer is a professional in creating visuals and solving problems associated with the visual communication. The qualified graphic designers have to create digital drawings, Lettering, Layout, Typography, Diagramming, and Photography. Art has merged with science, and this wonderful relationship has produced tremendous scope in graphic designing as a form of applied art. Pictures are the most useful means of communication, and graphic design implies it amazingly.

Print Designers develop the layout and production design of newspapers, corporate reports, magazines, journals and other publications. Also create the promotional displays, marketing brochures for products and services, packaging, distinctive design logos for businesses and products.

Scope of Digital Graphics & Motion Graphics

Graphic designers are needed in so many industries like advertisement industry, Virtual Reality, Information Technology, web designing industry, Augmented Reality and Gaming, etc. Designers must be aware of tools such as Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Aftereffects, Audition.

Topics Covered

Basic Animation, Designing Principles, Vector and Raster Graphics, UI Designing, Basic Action Scripting, Logo Creation, 2D Motion Graphics, Basic Audio/Video Editing.

Software Covered

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier.

What You Can Become?

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Motion Graphics Artist
  3. Simple Ad Film Producer
  4. Multimedia Artist / Programmer
  5. Graphics Artist

MAAC Ahmadabad Satellite Road encourages students to make a creative Animation. A student from different parts of the cities such as Rajkot and Amreli joins Maac Animation Courses to learn various Animation Courses.


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