MAAC Ahmedabad organizes a number of events every year. Events provide an opportunity for Maac students to showcase their skills and to interact with experienced professionals from the animation, visual effect (VFX), gaming, media and entertainment industry. Maac Events such as Seminar, Campus Interview, Workshop, Outdoor shoots, trips, etc.

Hologram Effect Seminar

The objective of the seminar was to make student understand that how hologram effect is created in movie and advertisement world. The student were able to understand today where this effect are used like in educational videos, company...

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Master Class on Layer Passes & Compositing

Master Class was conducted for the students on Layer passes and Composting. The main objective of the seminar was to make students understand the importance of Layer passes. This seminar has given a students insight and made them understand the importance.

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Outdoor Shoot for Camera Tracking in VFX Shots

Being a part of Media & Entertainment industry students should learn from there practical experience. Hence to prepare students for industry, students are been made to do practical training at centre. Students are been taken for outdoor shoots, so that they can...

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Movie Time (Pirates of Caribbean)

The students of Kshitij - Maac had a fun and learning, through watching one of the best movies in the field of VFX and Animation. The students went along with there faculty and post watching movie they had detailed discussion regarding how VFX shot was been made and...

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WOM April 17 Presentation Satellite Road

Maac Ahmedabad Satellite Road , leading institute in the field of Animation, VFX, Multimedia, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, works on the creativity of student. Maac Ahmedabad on monthly basis students are been given  a theme to work on. In the Month of April 2017,...

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