How to do Stop Motion Animation

How to do Stop Motion Animation! Stop Motion Animation is extremely time-consuming work, which is instantly apparent to anyone who has ever seen even the basic film created in the medium. It is something that should only be attempted by those with dedication, patience, and an extreme amount of attention to detail.

Assuming you are already in animation academy or ready to embark on your first stop motion animation design, let’s take a look at how to do stop motion animation by first looking at the basic things you need:


Models to Shoot

1. Models to Shoot

The props and models you need can vary wildly, and depend wholly upon your vision for the animation and what you are hoping to create. Many people are just starting out figuring how to do stop motion animation find a lot of use and versatility in Lego, although the downside is that it can be relatively expensive to buy a large set from scratch.




Scene Which to Place Them2. Scene Which to Place Them

Again, the setting can be just about anything. You can use hand draw imagery or use other accessories to build a backdrop to the scene. A green screen can also be useful if you don’t like to experiment with digitally inserting backgrounds in post production.





HD Camera3. HD Camera

Stop Motion Animation is as much about to do animating as it is an exercise in photography, you want the best camera you can get your hands on. Using phone or tablet is also an option. Although the overall image quality may not be as sharp, there are many apps out there that can automate the editing process. Also, make sure that you will get a big enough SD card or storage space to store all the images during the shoot.



Extremely Stable Camera Rig4. Extremely Stable Camera Rig

If the tripod isn’t 100% stationary for the duration of the scene, you’ll end up with very chaotic footage in the final edit.






Lighting Set Up5. Lighting Set Up

A simple table lamp can suffice in many occasions, but make sure you don’t have natural light arriving into play which will change over the course of the shoot.





Editing Software6. Editing Software

The software developer has become attuned to the needs of Stop Motion animator in recent years, so there are so many options that help to make the editing a lot easier.





Once you are done that, and then Start Shooting


1. Get Setup All

Rig up your lighting and camera, and put your scenery and models into place. Bear in mind that you will likely be in it for the long haul, so make sure you have got enough time to prevent having to deconstruct everything mid-shoot.

2. Take a Test Shot

This is simply to make sure your light and camera settings are optimal before you take numbers of photos.

3. Begin Shooting

Take a photo, turn the model by a tiny amount, then repeat it again. Do make sure your own shadow doesn’t make it into the shot.

4. Ending the Shoot

Hopefully, you will have allowed for enough storage space to get all the images you need. Once you are done the shot, export all the files to your main editing suite.

5. Edit the Project

How you go about this comes down to which stop motion animation software you are using, but a good practice of thumb is to make sure the individual skills are all of equal length. You will also want to cut in some audio or speech to make the film more dynamic from an audio perspective.


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