PROGRAM IN VISUAL EFFECTS Designed to ensure that students become experts in their field, this unique course gives them an insight into an authentic studio environment. Certified trainers and real deadlines ensure each student hones his/her talent while preparing to master their respective fields.

Course Overview

VFX is the creation of the environment and characters in real-life, which are impossible or difficult to create in real life. With an increasing number of Indian movies making use of VFX, it is the coolest and most happening profession currently. Program in Visual Effects course teaches you to create high-end visual effects for films and television and other industries.

With this course, you will learn VFX production skills in a studio-like environment from Maac Ahmedabad certified trainers. On completing this course, you will be a job-ready professional who could join an animation studio, film studio, graphic design company or a gaming studio. With the right skills and training, a senior VFX artist can earn up to Rs. 6 lakhs/year.

VFX Plus Course concentrates on building a career in Composting and Editing by using high ended software. This course help students to make high-end Visual Effects for Movies, TV shows and Studios. Students from Different Cities like Nagaur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer come to Maac Animation Institute to learn the VFX Plus Course.


Course Duration:

388 Hours

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Specialization Series

There are three specialization options and you can choose any one of them :


Match Moving Artist
FX Artist
Lighting Artist
Pre-Viz Artist
Motion Graphics Artist
Roto Artist
Clean-up Artist
BG Prep Artist
Paint Artist
3D Modeling Artist
Texturing Artist
Lighting Artist


Digital Design
Cloth FX
Layer Based Compositing
Clean Plate & Wire Removal
Stereoscopic Pipeline
Node-Based Compositing
Projection for Visual Effects
3D Design
Advanced Compositing
Concepts of Set Extension & CG Integration
Match Moving & Camera Tracking
VFX Case Studies


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Mudbox
Autodesk 3Ds Max

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