Professional need to keep themselves upgraded with the latest trends of the industry. Maac Ahmedabad has exclusively designed short term courses that give ideators the edge required to hone and practice their skills.


MAAC Ahmedabad offers a wide range of short-term career-oriented courses in 3D animation, VFX, graphics designing, web designing, multimedia, gaming and media and entertainment. Students who join the short-term courses at Maac Ahmedabad, get an opportunity to work with software like Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Maya, 3ds Max, Mudbox, Final Cut Pro, Fusion, MatchMover and more!

If the field of animation and multimedia excites you and want to take it up as a professional level, then join our MAAC Short-Term Course in Ahmedabad CG Road Centre and Satellite Road Centre. Students from Different cities of Gujarat like Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar come to learn the Short Term Courses.

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Modelling & Texturing

A career course in Modelling and Texturing helps you to create 3D model characters. The characters are then brought to life with animation techniques and CAD software.

Maya Pro

Maya Pro is one of the most sought after short-term career courses at MAAC Ahmedabad. It covers various fields of animation including digital sculpting, character animation and 3D design & modelling.

Stereoscopic Filmmaking

This is a short term stereoscopic filmmaking course that teaches you to create high quality animated films with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.The Stereoscopic filmmaking has introduced an entirely new set of filmmaking rules, techniques and editing processes.

Design Viz Pro

Design Viz Pro is a short term course allows you to deep dive into design and visualisation from planning to execution. If you have strong visualisation skills and love to play with the software, then this is the course for you.


Lighting forms the main element of an animated film. While dull lighting can turn you down, a brightly and suitably lit film sets the mood to watch it with deep enthusiasm.


MAX Pro trains students various field such as lighting, texturing, modelling, skinning and character set-up. The latest version software like 3Ds Max helps you to understand the functioning of the animation production and the type of tools and technologies they used to practice.

Digital Filmmaking

Digital Filmmaking is a short-term career course which is one of the most preferred courses in multimedia where you can learn the basics and core areas of filmmaking like pre-production techniques, sound editing, linear editing and clay animation.


If you are imaginative, creative and have good visualisation skills and an excellent understanding of birds, animals and human facial expressions, then this is the right short term course for you.

Compositing Plus

No film, TV show or music video is complete without going through the process of compositing and editing. At this stage, different visual elements are placed together to create one sequence scene.

Advanced Compositing

Advanced compositing short-term course content rotoscopy, 3D camera projection and Live action compositing for making the film. After completion of this course, you can work as a graphic designer or a production artist or even as a game designer.

Digital Photography

Photographers have often had to learn through only through only experimentation and without the presence of holistic learning centres. The Digital Photography short term course helps you to learn and acquire photography skills to top the industry.

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