Where Do Animators Work? 5 Fields That Actually Do Work

Where do animators work? Few amazing job opportunity you cannot ignore being an animator wants to know what they are. They are a Forensic artist, Motion Graphic Designer, Animator Interior designer, Civil Engineering and 3D Designer Image Search and much more.

We all are familiar what animation in today’s world is since the animation touches every aspect of entertainment.

Whether it is 3D animation or 2D animation, we have all seen it. 3D animation as compared to 2D is more realistic and requires very skilled detailing whereas 2D is the traditional way of animation and does not require many details.

As 3d is a rapidly growing technology and is liked everywhere a large number of advertisements and animated movies are made in 3d animation.

Computer graphics play an important role in the making of the animation scenes. We can easily create images and manipulate them with the help of Computer graphics. These graphics are used in many application such as the Engineering drawings, Art, Architectural plans, 3d modelling, entertainment and much more.

There are many industries where lots of animators are required nowadays. There is a large number of career opportunities where do animators work.

There is a misunderstanding about the animator’s works only for the Entertainment Industry and Television Industry but as you know that are ample amount of fields where there is a requirement for the animators.

These fields include various opportunities with a good salary package as well. But it is required that you should be keen on your work and be innovative. Let us see some of these fields.

These are some easy ways to animate for beginners. Hope this Video helped you out to learn basic steps!


where do animators work5 Fields That Actually Do Work

1. Interior Designer

Interior designing is one of the top paying fields nowadays. The interior designers show the animated version of their designs to the clients, and there arises the need of the animators.

Now, these interior designing firms hire animator for work or just assign the project to animation providing companies.

3d animation of the property gives a closer look at the clients. The 3d animation look is the realistic view of the home, villas and apartments.

The abilities of the interior designer can also be showcased with the 3d animation making the client having great ideas of the property before investing their money.

Also, create multiple views of interior designs for one property so that different buyers will have their choice of interior.

2. Forensic Artist & Animator

A forensic artist is a unique field of other options such as entertainment industry.

A forensic artist and animator work for the criminal investigation department.

The drawings made by the animators include the recreation of the crime scene, photo matching, sketches of the potential suspects etc.

They are also hired to do high-end requirements such as image modification, composite imagery, and identification, demonstrative evidence, reconstructive drawings and post-mortem drawings.

They help the agencies to recreate the situations such as accidents, robberies, assaults, missing person and other crimes.

They also work in science, and investigative firms, medical labs and some are also self-employed and work for investigation department.

3. Motion Graphic Designer

Motion graphic is another field where there is the requirement of the animators. Motion graphics designer’s work includes the projects such as title and post-production work campaigning and promoting various products, multimedia.

Also, Motion graphics is used in the animation of technical and computer-related illustrations.

The major part of their job involves designing the complex graphics and animation in major fields such as the electronic devices, handheld devices, smartphones, websites and television.

The story and editing is the core part of motion graphic designing thus becoming an integral part of the animation film creation.

4. Civil Engineering

In the field of Civil Engineering its deals with the construction and designing of buildings and structures.

The civil engineering is the mainstream field that includes the designing and structure development of the buildings. Thus concerning the new advancement in the technology, the animation makes it easier for the clients to understand the technicalities of the structure building.

The 3d modelling of the structure gives the client a brief idea about the constructions look after it is built. Here 3d designing is done by the animators.

The client thus can rely on the engineer to construct the building and invest his resources in the building.

Architectural plans previously were taken as a form of the blueprint, but now it is entirely replaced by the 3d designing.

Nowadays architecture is shown with the help of the animation of the structure. Hence it is more reliable now to visualize the actual construction. The complexities of construction are simple to understand now with the help of animation.

5. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the core stream that deals with the designing of machines and its components.

A major part of the industry nowadays prefers making the 3d animation of the machines before actually deploying it.

Thus a scope for animator comes here. Mechanical companies hire animators to help them with designing the components of the machine and then combining them to make the large machines.

Animators are required in every field. But it is essential that the animator How to Become an Animator should be skilled enough to do their job efficient otherwise they will not be able to cope up with ever growing technology.


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